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Anne Carson

Albertine, the name, is not a common name for a girl in France, althought Albert is widespread for a boy.

Albertine's name occurs 2,363 times in Proust's novel, more than any other character.

Albertine herself is present or mentioned on 807 pages of Proust's novel.

On a good 19% of these pages she is asleep.

The problems of Albertine are (from the narrator's point of view)

a) lying
and (from Albertines's point of view)
a) being imprisoned in the narrator's house.

Her bad taste in music, althougt several times remarked on, is not a problem.

Albertines does not call tha narrator by his name anywhere in the novel. Nor does anyone else.
the narrator hints that his first name might be the same name as that of the author of the novel, i.e. Marcel. Let´s go with that.

Albertine denies she is lesbian when Marcel questions her.

Her friends are all lesbians.

Her denials fascinate him.

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